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Trolley / Skid Mounted Filtration System

Skid Mounted Filtration System

Trolley Mounted / Skid Mounted Filtration Systems are ideal for batch filtration applications where a single unit is required for different locations in a manufacturing plant. Trinity Trolley Mounted unit can be used as a viable & economical alternative to multiple permanently installed filtration systems.

A Typical trolley mounted unit consists of a complete filtration system mounted on a mobile trolley with isolation valves, provision for bye pass, pump, motor, pressure gauges and can be automated to meet individual application needs.

    Features & Benefits :
  •  Pre-engineered for Reliable Operation.
  •  Fully Integrated components for ease of use and control.
  •  Compact footprint.
  •  Quick installation and commissioning choice of housings suitable for different types of filter media/cartridges.
  •  Pre-Installed pumps, motors and other instruments like pressure gauges, valves etc.(Flexible Piping, Flow meters level controllers, transmitters, flame proof motors etc. are optional)
  •  Fully automated PLC / SCADA based, customized skid mounted systems can be made available for critical pharma/ biotech applications.

    Applications :
  •  Paints & Resins.
  •  Inks & Dyes.
  •  Oil Filtration / Purification in Machine shops.
  •  Transformer oil Reconditioning.
  •  Hydraulic / Lube oil manufacturing.
  •  Pharmaceutical / Biotech / Vaccine Manufacturing.