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Max-FLO Series Sanitary Housing

Max-FLO Series Sanitary Housing
Max-FLO Series Sanitary Housing

TRINITY Max-FLO Sanitary Housings are designed and engineered to meet the critical needs of the Pharmaceutical industry. The housings are mirror finished with a defined Ra value below 0.8 Um. Materials used in these housings are safe to use for Food & beverages as well as Pharmaceutical application.

Fine filtration of fluids is a critical part of pharmaceutical processes and the quality of the housing plays a significant role in ensuring the predetermined filtrate quality. Max-FLO Sanitary housings are designed to meet the many requirements of these demanding applications. The housings are supplied with a surface finish measured in terms of Ra value, suitability for CIP and SIP, integrity testing etc.

    Features & Benefits
  •  Aseptic design
  •  Crevice-free mirror - finished surfaces with an Ra value of less than 0.8 µm
  •  Fully self-draining, Zero hold up volume
  •  No internal threaded parts that come in contact with the process fluid
  •  Low hold-up volumes for maximum product recovery
  •  Easy to use low point sanitary drain valve
  •  Variety of connection styles, vents and drains offer choice and convenience
  •  Filter Housing accepts single open-ended (SOE type with 226/222 end connection with double ‘O’ rings
MOC (available) SS 316 (standard)
AISI SS 316L, SS 304 (special/optional)
Clamp Sanitary Quick Change Type
O-Ring Silicone (std.), Viton, EDPM, EPR, Nitrile.
Steam Sterilizable Up to 150OC
Surface Finish Mirror polished with Ra value < 0.8 micron, Ra value < 0.3 micron (on request)
Electro Polishing Optional
  •  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  •  SVP / LVP
  •  Biotechnology, Vaccines
  •  Formulation and Filling
  •  Plasma Fractionation
  •  Sterile Filtration
  •  Venting and Gas Filtration
  •  Breweries and Distilleries
  •  Winery