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Oil Absorbent Bag Filters

Oil Absorbent Bag Filters

TRINITY Oil Absorbent Bag Filters are manufactured with multi-layer construction offering high dirt loading, oil absorption and low differential pressure drops. Made with polypropylene micro-fiber these bags offer excellent chemical compatibility and a high level of filter efficiency.

Trinity Oil Absorbent Bag Filters offer effective oil removal properties from Process Fluids applications. With this new unique design helps to provide one of the highest capacity oil absorbing filter bags. The different layers of Micro Fibers not only retain oil, but increases overall efficiency on micron rating ranging from 1 to 50. This bag is also designed to fit into any standard size # 1 or # 2 Liquid Bag Housing and also 7 inch Plastic Flange which creates more positive seal and is 100% Recyclable.

The degree of effectiveness of these bags is dependent on the type of oil as well as the differential pressure across the bag filter media. The greater the differential pressure the greater the propensity for the oil droplet to deform, and migrate downstream hence it is always advisable to use these bags within the specified parameters recommended.

Filter Specification
Media Polypropylene
Removal Ratings 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 micron
Operating Conditions
Max operating temperature Polypropylene - 80 OC
Max Change Out Differential Pressure 20 PSID (3.5 bar)
Recommended Change out differential pressure 15 PSID (2.5 bar)
Lengths 16,32 inches
Diameter 4, 7 inches