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Rare Earth Magnet

Rare Earth Magnet
Rare Earth Magnet

Trinity Rare Earth Magnets are ideal for removing ferrous, carbide fines from various Process Fluids. These Magnets are designed to remove ferrous particles in sub–micronic size, smaller than that can be extracted by traditional filters. The removal of these particles result in longer fluid life, improved surface finish of products, increased component accuracy and reduced wear & tear on machinery and tools.

Trinity Rare Earth Magnetsare permanent magnets made from neodymium-boron-iron (NdFeB).These magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets made, producing significantly stronger magnetic fields than other magnets. Trinity Rare Earth Magnets don't use consumables & hence contamination is quickly and easily removed as a 'cake' that can be easily disposed of as scrap without losing expensive fluids.

    Features & Benefits :
  •  Sub-micron Filtration
  •  High power magnet with low cost
  •  Limited Flow Restriction
  •  No Loss of Fluid
  •  No Increase in Line Pressure
  •  Easily Cleanable
  •  Reusable Technology
  •  Enhanced Wear Particle Identification
  •  No Maintenance
  •  Extended Life of Conventional Filters
Specification :
Type: Rare Earth Magnet (NdFeB
Diameter: 27 mm (Standard)
Length: Customized
Grade: N 40 (higher grade also available)
Surface Magnetic Induction (at poles: 9300 to 10300 Gauss ( by Hall Probe of gauss meter)
Sleeve material: SS 304, SS 316 (optional)
Lifting Hook : SS 304, SS 316 (optional)
Hook Provided at one end of 8 mm diameter
Locator Pin : SS 304, SS 316 (optional)