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Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

Carbon Block Filters Cartridges
Charcoal Filter Element

TRINITY Carbon Block Filters

provide the most efficient filter performance possible by combining the highest quality, FDA-compliant raw materials with cutting-edge manufacturing methods resulting in unequaled performance.

Trinity Carbon Block Filters employ a premium grade carbon with industry-leading surface area allowing for the optimum use of the carbon's Adsorptive capacity. The higher surface area extends the life of the cartridge, lowering the need for frequent filter changes. Trinity Carbon Block Filters offers exceptional consistency, which maximizes the adsorption capacity.

    Features & Benefits:

  •  Wide range of removal ratings to meet diverse application needs
  •  No media migration (No release of Carbon fines; initial Rinsing of filters recommended)
  •  Exceptionally low clean pressure drop
  •  Manufactured from NSF Std 61 Certified Coconut
  •  High dirt holding capacity
  •  NSF Certified for Material Safety- Std 42
  •  Consistent performance at lower cost of filtration
Filter Specification:
Media Carbon – NSF listed Std. 61
Inner and outer wraps Polypropylene (PP) (White, Green[optional])
End Caps Polypropylene (PP) (White, Green/Black[optional])
Removal Ratings 5, 10, 25 micron
O Rings / Gaskets(for SOE) NBR
Nominal Lengths 10,20 inches
Diameter-OD 2.75” (70 mm), 4.5” (114 mm
End connections DOE (standard)/SOE (special)
Max operating temperature 82OC
Max Change Out Differential Pressure 50 PSID (3.5 bar)
Recommended Change out differential pressure 35 PSID (2.5 bar)